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Our Passion

My name is Jennifer Mackey, your personal safety expert and I am glad you visited my blog.  The reason I created this platform is because I wanted to inspire and educate women to be prepared for the unexpected.

As a Realtor, and being put in compromising situations in vacant homes, open houses, model homes and meeting strangers, I felt it was necessary to empower and educate women on safety.  Recent headlines of Realtors being viciously attacked disturbed me, and that’s when I created She Gadget.

Not only am I a Realtor, I’m a mother of a beautiful daughter, and I wanted to make sure she was protected and aware of her surroundings like any parent would.  More than 1 in 5 female undergraduates in top schools alone have been attacked in 2015 which is alarming.  More and more awareness is needed because there are women at the corporate level and society in general, who are being harassed and assaulted and no one is speaking out about it because they are either afraid of losing their job or ashamed of what people might say.  It’s time for women to stand up and be more alert and aware of their surroundings and know who they are inviting in their space.

She Gadget has a complete line of self-defense products so that should you ever find yourself in a dangerous situation you’ll be ready.