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Safe Dating in 2016

Safe Dating in 2016

As the owner and founder of She Gadget, Atlanta’s own Jennifer Mackey found it necessary to reach out to educate and empower women’s safety.  She Gadget challenges the modern day woman to be “Pretty, Protected and Powerful” because you can be pretty but safe at the same time which makes She Gadget unique with her pretty personal… Continue Reading

She Gadget Featured In South Fulton County Lifestyle Magazine

It was so exciting for She Gadget to be featured in April’s 2016 issue of South Fulton Lifestyle Magazine. I enjoy educating and empowering other women to be safe and protected.  Every woman should take precautionary measures every single day.  I can’t emphasize this enough because women are being attacked everyday.     There is no reason any woman… Continue Reading

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!! Make sure you are using your safety tips and protect the kido’s and your animals tonight!  Never allow your children out of your sight during trick or treating in the neighborhood or at the shopping centers. Always, make sure all treats are inspected before your children are allowed to eat them.  Visit… Continue Reading