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Putting Yourself At Risk On A Taxis And Uber

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Getting a ride wherever and whenever has become a huge trend after the club or happy hour.  But why are women getting in cabs and taking Uber when highly intoxicated or completely drunk and unaware of who’s driving them or too drunk to know if the driver is taking them home safely? Uber

This is more dangerous than ever today!!  Women are getting in cabs and Uber sloppy drunk, falling asleep in the car not aware if they are protected or being driven home safely and trusting a stranger they absolutely no nothing about.  Just because it’s a cab or Uber driver, does not mean you are safe.  You are leaving yourself wide open to be attacked because you know nothing about this cabbie or Uber driver.  You don’t know if they have been fully screened or not!  So why put your life in jeopardy!!

Three Tips When Taking a Cab or Uber

  1. Verify the identity of the driver and their car before you get in
  2. Wait inside until your ride comes
  3. Stay in touch with your family and friends
  4. Check the driver’s rating

TaxiAs a matter fact, the drivers are asking that women stop putting themselves at risk because they do not feel comfortable taking them home when they are severely intoxicated.  Drivers don’t want to be in situations where they may be possibly accused of something they did not do.

It’s one thing to have had too much to drink and another to be sloppy drunk and you can’t tell the driver your address to get you home.  If you get this intoxicated, a family member or friend should be called.  You should never be alone in a bar or nightclub drunk or sleep anyway.

We are all adults and should take adult actions.  Never put yourself in a situation that you may regret the rest of your life.  Make wise decisions and never let your guard down by being irresponsible.  You have to be stay protected and have your self-defense gadgets available and handy.

Our environments are no longer safe; therefore, you must be aware of your surroundings and stop letting your guard down just because it’s a cab or Uber driver.

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